Episode Five – Cancer

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  • Three “Weekly Challenges”A guided 48 hour detox with Dr Darryl Gioffre, including pre and post Detox calls.
  • Parasite cleanse information and guidance.
  • Detailed supplement guides for dealing with Dementia and Depression.
    You can download these and we will also talk you through how to best implement them.
  • A “DEFEATING DEPRESSION” Action Plan drawn up from Trevor’s personal experience, with input from various doctors.
  • A detailed “DEFEATING DEMENTIA” protocol for fighting dementia and keeping it at bay.
  • A “DEFEATING DIABETES” protocol with recipes and action steps 
  • A series of 6 Question and Answer sessions with different experts from the series
  • Healthy recipes from Dr Daryl Gioffre (also a certified RAW chef)
  • An “Improving your water” module
  • An “Importance of Mindset” module
  • A “Do THIS, not THAT” section of simple steps for replacing toxic things in your life.
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*Takes 4 weeks (approx) to deliver to your door (International allow an extra week)

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