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Faith, Hope & Cancer Online

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The "Faith, Hope & Cancer" package contains the complete film and all the inspiring interviews (over 20 of them) that went into making this one of 2019's most loved films in the health space. This film will strengthen your faith, inspire your courage in the face of illness and leave you feeling that there is HOPE. Add it to your order today. This was originally sold for $97 - RIGHT NOW ONLY $39!

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Platinum Edition (Online & DVD's)

Here’s what you’ll receive when you complete your order:

  • Everything from the Silver and the Gold Packages PLUS…
  • Complete “That Vitamin Summit 1” & “That Vitamin Summit 2” – 42 Exclusive Video interviews about how to use vitamins and supplements the correct way. (Over 25 hours of highly informative video, online access)
  • Complete “My Healthy Child” event – 20 Exclusive interviews with world renowned experts showing how to give your CHILDREN the very best start on their own health journey.
  • Live Longer, Feel Better! Action Guide (online access) containing:
    • Detailed supplement guide for dealing with Dementia
    • Detailed supplement guide for dealing with Depression
    • A “DEFEATING DEPRESSION” Action Plan drawn up from Trevor’s personal experience, with input from various doctors.
    • A detailed “DEFEATING DEMENTIA” protocol for fighting dementia and keeping it at bay.
    • A “DEFEATING DIABETES” protocol with recipes and action steps
  • Live Longer, Feel Better! Insider Guide – a real goldmine of Insider Information about each episode. Notes on locations, on various Doctor’s specialities, deeper dives into subjects mentioned in the episode and website links galore for more information. A crucial guide to the whole series.
  • A Private Facebook group for support
  • 6 Live Q&A’s with our Doctors:
    • A LIVE Q&A with Dr. Jay Davison on parasite cleanses
    • A LIVE Q&A with Dr. Andrew Saul on supplements
    • A LIVE Q&A with Dr. Daniel Nuzum on detoxing
    • A LIVE Q&A with Dr. Daryl Gioffre on brain health
    • A LIVE Q&A with Dr. Eric Zielinski on cancer
    • One EXTRA unannounced LIVE Q&A

BONUS: We will also give you online access to all content, so you can watch and listen while you wait on your package arriving.

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