These Are Just Some of the 47 Experts Featured in Our Ground Breaking Docu-Series

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Ocean Robbins

Author | Food Revolutionary | Speaker

Chris Wark

Speaker and Cancer Survivor

Sayer Ji


Richard Rohr, OFM

Founder of The Centre of Action and Contemplation

Andrew Saul, PhD

Megavitamin Specialist

Ty Bollinger

Journalist and Author

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Essential Oil and Biblical Health educator

Marc David

Founder Institute for Psychology of Eating

Leanne Ely

Mother of "Menu Planning"

Dr. Joe Mercola

Founder of

Jonathan Landsman

Host NaturalHealth365

Tom Malterre

Founder Whole Life Nutrition

Jeffrey Smith

GMO Consumer Advocate

Erin Elizabeth

Original Health Nut

Helen Saul Case


Dr. Tony Jimenez

Founder Hope for Cancer

Dr. Michael Greger

Author of How Not to Die

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror

Rob Verkerk

Founder of The Alliance for Natural Health International

Dr. Neil Riordan

Medistem Panama founder

Polly Tommey

Vaccine campaigner

Dr. Ron Hunninghake

Chief Medical Officer, Riordan Clinic

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Author of Dissolving Illusions

Dr. Tom Levy

Author, Doctor and Lawyer

Dr. Jonathan Wright

Pioneer in natural medicine

Dr. David Jockers

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega

Integrative Holistic Doctor

Phillip Day

Health Journalist

Anne Zauderer, DC

Chiroprator based at the Riordan Clinic

Dr. Gerald Pollack

Water Expert

Patrick Holford


Nia Stephanopoulos-Chichura, MD

Medical Doctor, Riordan Clinic

David McCarthy, MD

Retired military family physician

Gina Bria

Anthropologist and author

Jon McMahon

Creator of iThrive Series

James Maskell

Creator of Functional Forum

Hagen Thiers

Inventor Qi Technologies

Dr Ben Johnson

Stem Cell Pioneer

Dr Daryl Gioffre

Detox Expert

Dr Aysegul Coruhlu

Holistic Doctor

Erin Nielsen

Creator, The Youth Method

Roberto Torres

Cancer Survivor

Dr Kate Keville


Robert Scott Bell

Radio Show Host

Paul Barattiero

Hydrogen Expert

Charlene Bollinger

CEO Truth About Cancer

Betsy Dix

Cancer Survivor

Mel Gibson

Director & Film Actor

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