Did you ever wish you could really articulate something but feel you just can’t get the words together? Yep, me too. Way too often. And then you hear someone else give a talk and inside you scream – that’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say! Yes!!  They’ve nailed it. (Me too.)

My Mum died of Parkinson’s disease when she was still young. I believe to this day that the medications killed her way faster than the disease did.  I also believe that around the time of her death was when the drug companies were really starting to rule the medical world and corrupt medicine as we then knew it. Doctors were being bought and paid for. They became legal drug pushers.

The following five minute extract from a speech at the UN sums it up better than I ever could. This will resonate with you. And if you are REALLY interested in this – watch the full unedited video below. Fantastic stuff.

But it’s time for change. It’s time for a new paradigm. To walk away from this corrupt system and build something better.  And it’s happening one person at a time.

Trevor King



Watch the FULL unedited version below